A transitioner's journey so far...

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Oh my!!!! This hair journey has been challenging because to be honest I have never paid any attention to my hair as I have been doing for the past three months. My last relaxer was November 2012, so currently my hair is three months post relaxer. At this point it is a bit normal to have a head of hair that hasn’t been relaxed for three months so it is not that difficult to maintain. It is not very easy to care for my hair in this very busy Lagos where you spend hours on the road, but I’ve been managing. If you would like to know how I maintain a healthy hair regimen despite my busy Lagos life, please put the comment in the comment box bellow the article.

As for hair products, I bought a lot of hair products some of which I would not be buying again because I don’t think they are any good for my hair. I would be doing a review of all my first hair products in the future, probably in the next article. The first two months of my journey, I put on kinky twists as a protective style (see pictures in previous article). During this period I moisturised and sealed but I didn’t wash my hair at all!!!! Shame on me!!!Anyway my hair started feeling dirty and weighed down with oils, so I decided to take it down ahead of the time I had originally planned.

After taking down the twists, I decided to try cornrowing my hair by myself on one side of my hair and using perm rods for curls on the other side. EPIC FAIL!!!! Lol!! The next morning, my hair wasn’t dried and I had white flakes from the gel and curl enhancing product I used, AND I HAD TO GO TO WORK!!!! Phewww, I had to act fast and improvise, at the end of the day, I managed to save my “HAIRY” situation. I didn’t feel bad I just know that it’s all trial and error until I master how to care for my hair and find out what works for me. Another style I tried was the bantu nut out. I must say, I think that turned out better than the perm rods. I applied a couple of lessons learned from my perm rod experience. I think I would be trying it again. 

My Current Hair Regimen at three months post relaxer

  • I wash my hair once a week and wear it out for about two to three weeks.
  • I do a hot oil treatment as my pre poo every wash day. I plan to start alternating a hot oil treatment and the use of honey for my pre poo in the future. This means that, if I do a hot oil treatment this week, then I’ll do a honey treatment the week after.
  • After washing, I deep condition with a concoction I make by myself using my favourite conditioner and some oils.
  • Then after deep conditioning and rinsing out, I apply my leave in conditioner and seal with an oil or butter and then style.
  • During this transitioning period, I plan to wear my hair in kinky twists, Senegalese twits or box braids as my protective style. So my next style would be the box braids or Senegalese twist.
  • For my edges, I apply a mixture of Jojoba and peppermint oils. I apply this mixture every night (not very religious but I manage) and tie my edges with a silk band I made. When I run out of my Jojoba oil, I would try the Tropic Isle Jamaican Black Castor Oil, everyone talks about how great this is.
  • I do not apply any form of heat on my hair (hair dryer, flat iron or curling iron), I just air dry if I need to.

In my next article, I would be talking about some of the results I’ve gotten by maintaining a healthy hair regimen. I would also talk about my first set of natural hair products and a review on each of them.
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